Corporate name
Tokyo Fuji Kotsu
Year Established
License Number
一般乗合旅客自動車運送事業(国自旅第99号) 一般貸切旅客自動車運送事業(関自旅一第167号)
〒204-0003 6-33-10 Nakazato, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo, White Village 102 MAP
TEL 042-497-7320
FAX 042-497-7340
Operational Office and Depot
〒350-0023 855 Namiki, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama MAP
TEL 049-222-0606
FAX 049-225-1700
Kawagoe Depot (Kugedo Garage)
〒350-0011 3053 Kugedo, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama MAP
TEL 049-230-4800
FAX 049-230-4788
Kawaguchi Depot (Ryoke Garage)
〒332-0004 5-14-35 Ryoke, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama MAP
TEL 048-229-5688
FAX 048-229-5699
Atago Garage
〒352-0021 3-14-56 Atago, Niiza-shi, Saitama MAP
Osaka Branch
〒552-0021 3-5-5 Chikkou, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Fuho Heights MAP
Field Of Business
Operation of Highway buses, sightseeing buses, corporate shuttle buses, employee shuttle buses, buses for weddings and funerals, school buses, and various shuttle bus services.
埼玉県、川越市、アルフレッサ株式会社、株式会社栄喜堂、ちふれホールディングス株式会社、株式会社日立物流関東、株式会社松屋フーズ、学校法人山口学院、SGフィルダー株式会社、株式会社正電社、株式会社東上セレモサービス、中央商事株式会社、JAいるま野、楽天トラベルサービス株式会社、WBFオンライン株式会社、リンクオブマインド株式会社、株式会社さくら観光、株式会社LCL、株式会社JTB、その他  (順不同・敬称略)

We are looking for colleagues to work with.

Don’t worry if you only have a regular driver’s license! You can obtain a Class 2 large vehicle driver’s license required to drive large buses, fully funded by the company (terms and conditions apply). Plus, you can earn more than 410,000 yen a month! With a fixed driving schedule, it’s easy to maintain a work-life balance. For those who are anxious about driving alone, rest assured with our <two-driver system>. Less experienced drivers will be paired with veterans, making it a reassuring environment!
You will be driving approximately 600 km one way between Tokyo and Osaka, but with two drivers, there are plenty of breaks. Since we drive during times of low traffic congestion, you will hardly feel any stress.
After joining the company, you will work in pairs with an experienced driver. Even with driving training after joining, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous when you actually start working. That’s why, at our company, new drivers are assigned to the Kansai route where they can accompany veteran drivers. (As you gain experience, you can also handle routes like the Sendai route by yourself). Your partner will be an experienced senior driver. Everyone is friendly, and the team has a harmonious atmosphere.
In our shuttle and charter department, we welcome drivers over 60 years old as part of our senior employment promotion, offering various work styles such as morning-only, short hours, or one day a week. The main duty is driving microbuses, so those with a gap in their driving career can work with confidence!
We are looking for colleagues to join us at Tokyo Fuji Transportation. Feel free to talk to us without any hesitation.