Safety comes first in everything.

We at Tokyo Fuji Transport strive to deliver “safe” and “comfortable” services that connect our customers’ smiles and the city. Each and every one of us prioritizes safety with sincerity, constantly working to improve transportation safety without being satisfied with the current situation.

Chartered Bus Operator Safety Evaluation and Certification System

In the “Charter Bus Operator Safety Evaluation and Certification Committee” of the Japan Bus Association, their commitment to safety was recognized, and they were certified as a three-star operator.

About safety equipment

I will introduce the safety equipment for customers to ride the bus with peace of mind.

Vehicle Stability Control System

Contributes to preventing accidents on slippery roads and curves. Lane departure warning, vehicle swerve warning.

Collision avoidance system

Reduce the speed at the time of collision and contribute to reducing the damage caused by the collision. With millimeter wave radar and image sensors, it is now possible to detect stationary pedestrians in addition to stopped vehicles, contributing to the prevention of bus collisions and rear-end accidents.

Preventing drowsiness with “FEELythm” introduction.

The system detects signs of unconscious drowsiness from the pulse wave fluctuations, and prompts the driver to pay attention with sound and vibration, supporting safe driving.

Driver Monitor

When driving at a speed of about 60 km/h or more, the monitoring camera constantly checks the driver’s face direction and the opening and closing of their eyelids to prevent accidents caused by the driver’s lack of attention.

Digital Tachographs

By introducing digital tachographs, we aim to quantify and visualize speeding, sudden acceleration, and sudden stops, and promote eco-driving and safe driving to the crew.